My mother died alone in at the age of At the end of her life, she simply withdrew from others-her sole companion was her little dog Sweetie. When I asked, during our weekly phone conversations, if she were meeting people and making new friends, she would say, “Oh yes, I talk to the driver of the senior citizen bus. Yet it grieves me that my mother, who lived far from me, was so alone. I weep for her still. Had she learned to live differently, I could be writing this as a eulogy. I have publicly praised her creativity as a seamstress, quilter, and gardener, even as I yearn to pay tribute to her role in my schooling, but I continue to struggle with conflicting emotions–love, guilt, anger, pride, shame, disappointment, sadness. She had needed to learn to live differently.

The Problem With Dad Feminism

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Feminist Dad Rules for Dating My Daughter Polo Shirt | More information. Feminist Dad Rules for Dating My Daughter Polo Shirt |

Subscriber Account active since. There’s a weird stereotype when daughters start dating of the dad waiting by the door with a shotgun, joking about how he’ll somehow maim her date if they usually he do anything that the dad deems disrespectful. This stereotype has morphed itself in the internet age to memes about the “rules” for dating my daughter. But one dad took a more empowering and feminist approach to this, and his post is going viral.

You will respect them, and if you don’t, I promise they won’t need my help putting you back in your place. He expressed his gratitude for his daughters, saying that he knows full well they don’t need him speaking for them in relationships because they’re so brilliant. These girls are my heroes! The post about his brilliant daughters seemed to strike a chord with many parents and daughters themselves.

The post went viral, being shared more than 11, times on Facebook, with an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, Welch wrote in a separate post. He said he knows his daughters don’t need him to speak for them in relationships. Amen,” one commenter wrote. Possessive parents need to chill on treating their kids like property and like they have no sense,” a Facebook commenter said. And there were a lot of people who said their dads had a similar attitude.

I assure you, your promise will hold true,” another commenter wrote.

Feminist dad rules for dating my daughter

This story was originally published on Medium. Gender equality begins at home, and families are at the front lines of change. For the next generation, the examples set at home by parents, care-givers and extended family are shaping the way they think about gender and equality. From cooking and cleaning, to fetching water and firewood or taking care of children and the elderly, women carry out at least two and a half times more unpaid household and care work than men.

As a result, thousands of women and girls miss out on equal opportunities of going to school, or joining full-time paid work, or having enough time to rest! Set the example by equally dividing all housework and childcare in your home.

She makes the rules. 4. Her body, her rules. “Feminist Father,” as the shirt is signed, is the dad of Kristine Speare, who originally posted the.

In my work writing about women, money and family in the United States, there are two prevailing issues:. Joint legal custody is the most common agreement, in which both parents have equal rights to have a say in major decisions affecting children, including medical, education, religion, and where the child lives. It is very common for parents to be awarded joint legal custody — presumably deeming both fit enough to make sound decisions for their children — but very unequal parenting time.

Neither joint legal nor joint physical custody automatically has any bearing on one another, nor any child support paid. In other words:. This antiquated arrangement only reinforces the sexist notions:. This outdated arrangement holds women, men, families and the economy back. I can tell you first-hand it is a heck of a lot harder to get ahead professionally and financially if you are the sole — or majority care provider for children. If we unburdened the 10 million single mothers in this country from this responsibility 64 percent of millennial moms have had at least one baby outside of marriage, according to Johns Hopkins , and forced fathers to be true co-parents, gender economics in this country would look very, very different.

More surprising single mom statistics: prepare to have your mind blown. When parenting time is shared equally, single moms would have so, so much more time to invest in their careers and businesses. When parenting is equal, moms are not the default caregiver when kids barf in the night and need to stay home from school. More shared parenting time affords moms much-needed time to rest, exercise and develop relationships and interests outside of their kids that make women happier mothers and more productive citizens.

When dads not only have equal parenting time, but also equal parenting responsibility , fathers are forced to make the hard work-life decisions that women have known for generations, leveling the workplace playing field.

Photo of N.J. dad wearing ‘Feminist Father’ shirt goes viral

Did you forget again?? Here are some go-to gifts for your feminist father. Melissa Atkins Wardy outlines the stereotypes girls face from birth, and walks parents through effective ways to overcome them. A must0have for all fathers!

The Problem With Dad Feminism. By Kat Like the viral Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter T-shirt from the “Feminist Father.” Can rule No.

How to be a Man is a series exploring masculinity and the challenges face men in Ireland today. For instance, everything is pink and my house is infested with princesses. Giggling, warbling, preening little potentates. Pink is fine in small doses. I once had a pink shirt, although I try not to dwell too much on the memory. But in general I avoid the colour.

Mens Rules for Dating My Daughter T-shirt – Feminist Father Shirt-RT

This proud ‘feminist father ‘ has gone viral after he posed in a T-shirt explaining his own version of ‘rules for dating my daughter’. It’s an old joke that dads get so protective over their daughters that any boy who appears on the scene might find himself at the business end of a shotgun. But this father takes a very different approach to being a 21st century dad, with a T-shirt which rejects the stereotype of the over-protective dad and emphasises his daughter’s independence.

Tumblr user Kristine Speare posted the picture to her profile on the site at the weekend with the caption ‘Happy Fathers’ Day’. In response to a follower asking if it was a picture of her own father, she was proud to confirm it was. I got him that shirt for father’s day and now his back is kinda famous,” she explained.

female feminist feminism rules feminist father herbody her rules dating my daughter.

Dad, I know you see it. I know you see the problem. When was it that the comments started while we watched TV, dad? The steps to fixing this are so small, so simple for you. Dad, I do not need to know that you hate the way the weatherwoman looks in her dress. No more telling me to calm down, every time I call you out on it. Read up. Or at least listen up.

Dad’s T-Shirt Goes Viral: Feminist Father Shares His Rules For Dating His Daughter

I looked at her lying in her cradle, I believed that she could do anything. I had faith in her and that was enough. I needed faith in my own position as her father too, and pledged to her and myself that as long as I was beside her, supporting her, nothing could stand in her way.

One US dad’s “rules for dating” his daughters has gone viral after it has The dad, quickly becoming a feminist icon of sorts, asserted that he.

See video highlights of the Prized Possession seminar and booking information. A while ago this picture went viral on the internet. You can read about my shirt HERE and see how it came into being. Over the last year, we have shipped my shirt to 58 countries. Our kids desperately need parents to set rules and boundaries for their behavior. Your kids need rules. They need strong leadership. They feel loved when you set rules. When they are young, they are not prepared to make all the decisions that will come their way.

This Father’s ‘Rules For Dating My Daughter’ T-Shirt Is Pitch-Perfect

In the latest of his series, comedian Dan Antopolski dreams of a tomorrow where men are just as embarrassed at a loss of sexual self-control as they are at a loss of bladder control. My child looked attentive and I was pleased that at a vital moment I had taught her respect for the female body — and taught her that I respected it also.

I was a good fellow — possibly a very good fellow. But as I twirled my Smith and Wesson of Feminism and plunged it adroitly into my Holster of Self-Satisfaction, I realised that in my zeal I might have shot myself in the foot. I am logging this with you now in case there is trouble down the line.

Here’s a dad’s “Rules For Dating My Daughter” done right: The photograph of this “Feminist Father” tee has gone viral this week, after first.

I don’t make the rules 2. You don’t make the rules 3. She makes the rules 4. Her body, her rules Tumblr user Kristine Speare posted the picture to her profile on the site at the weekend with the caption ‘Happy Fathers’ Day’. In response to a follower asking if it was a picture of her own father, she was proud to confirm it was. I got him that shirt for father’s day and now his back is kinda famous,” she explained. The inspiring photo proved a smash hit on Tumblr, where it has been liked and shared over nearly , times.

A dad shared his ‘rules’ for dating his daughters and people are applauding him

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This dad created a set of feminist dating rules for his daughter’s suitors, and we think it’s just perfect. And yes, like nothing you’ve seen before.

Writing a set of rules for dating your daughter might seem a little obsessive – reminiscent of the overbearing pop from Ten Things I Hate About You – so one Dad has gone the complete other direction. Jeffrey Warren Welch, a poet, writer and father of three girls, posted his feminist inclined rules for going out with his offspring to Instagram and they have gone viral around the world, sparking huge media interest in his trusting and liberated parenting technique.

His rules or lack thereof were simple: “You’ll have to ask them what their rules are, I’m not raising my little girls to be the kind of women who need their daddy to act like a creepy possessive badass in order for them to be treated with respect. Good luck, pumpkin. Jeff wasn’t done with just that. Speaking to the Huffington Post , he expanded further on his parenting style and how it influences his worldview.

Welch came up with the idea for the post after discussing fatherhood with other dads, who seemed to enjoy the idea of intimidating the prospective suitors of their daughters. Welch is father to three girls and step father to two more, with two year-olds, two year olds and a seven-year-old, so he needed to have a scheme to help them approach the world of dating when they grew up.

A Christian Father’s Rules for Dating My Daughter

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dating. A dad of five daughters has created a set of feminist ‘rules’ for dating his girls. Jessica Clark. MORE. MAR, · SEP, · about · contact · advertise.

The ‘feminist father’ shirt is the latest in a series of recent high-profile social media protests against misogyny in wider society. Just three weeks ago, a Canadian schoolgirl made the headlines when she was sent home from school for wearing shorts that were ‘too short’ and responded with posters declaring the school’s uniform policy sexist. The posters, which she stuck up around the school, read: A distinctly fashionable look, a flawless blend of three quality fabrics and the unbelievable softness that top level delivers time and time again!

Families squeezed by teachers’ strike, shutdown. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. The photo, posted to Tumblr over the weekend and quickly making the social media rounds, is pretty straightforward: Get to Know Us. But this father takes a very different approach to being a 21st century dad, with a T-shirt which rejects the stereotype of the over-protective dad and emphasises his daughter’s independence.

Her body, her rules “Feminist Father,” as the shirt is signed, is the dad of Kristine Speare, who originally posted the photo to her Tumblr account with the caption “Happy Father’s Day. Step up your style game and feminist father dating rules on thousands of merch in the sale, which only comes around twice a year.

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